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We handle all residential and commercial painting and drywall needs. Whether it be repainting an old house, the complete restoration of a historical house, the painting of a new house, painting only one or a few rooms of an addition/remodel, or simply refinishing a deck—we handle it all.

Our drywall services include supplying, hanging, and finishing all sizes of job. From a small patch to a whole room to a whole house or even a condominium development- we have you covered. We specialize in smooth finishes (including level 5- in which the whole surface of the drywall is covered in joint compound and then sanded smooth—the finest drywall finish possible), all types of textured finishes.

At Hansen Custom- our primary focus is quality, and we provide the highest quality paint jobs on the Gulf Coast. The keys to giving customers such highly satisfactory and quality work are- proper planning, extensive preparation, the use of high quality materials, a staff of very hard working and talented painters and management, and a vision of what true quality work is and should be.

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